Student Loan Consolidation Leads

Student Loan Consolidation Leads

As a looming threat to our nation’s economic health, Expert Media has made Student Loan Consolidation a priority in our scope of advertising and marketing referral reach by offering Student Loan Consolidation Leads. After all, the price of education has given many students today a hard lesson in "Edu-Flation"... an unfortunate imbalance consisting of painfully high tuition costs and stagnant wage growth. Consequently the amount of student loan debt in America has reached over $1.1 trillion and has surpassed that of credit-card debt (

When marketing to this demographic we utilize and implement only the top responding multi-channel aggregation sources. Right now this includes PPC, Social Media ads and mailers.

Through our lead screening process we are able to identify those consumers who possess student loans, have an income and considered pre-qualified candidates to enlist with a loan assistance program.

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DATE: 01/09/2016  13:42:17
LEAD ID: 7039521
FIRST: Harold
LAST: Evans
PHONE-1: 602-418-0000
PHONE-2: 602-374-0000
ADDRESS: 123 Westlock Dr.
CITY: Phoenix
ZIP: 85014
EMAIL: harold.evans***

TOTAL DEBT: $42,617
INCOME: $44,000

TRANSFER STATUS: Call Connected Successfully
ORDER REF: 4375-251
CALL-AGENT: Tracy Reynolds
NOTES: Customer owes over $42k on a direct-unsubsidized student loan. He is currently struggling to make monthly payments. Looking for a payment plan that will reduce the principal.

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Student Loan Consolidation Leads